Sujen Panchal is popularly known as DJ Sujen. He is a Disc Jockey, He is from Mumbai, India. DJ Sujen has always been a music addict. He had inherent talent, and the talent is now slowly revealing in the years. Dj Sujen is the hottest talent that is available to the DJing World. Sujen Panchal was born on February 25th 1982, in Mumbai, India. He has great passion towards music. Sujen's DNA is also composed of music that he can create present time fusion music constantly. His genre includes House, Commercial, EDM (Electronic Music Dance) and Bollywood.
He is also a committed and ardent who always learns new things and keeps himself updated about the new music technologies through the internet. Sujen always dreamt of becoming a Disc Jockey. While creating the music he not only expresses himself through the channels but gives more importance to creativity in music. Sujen is a multi-talented DJ. He collected all types of music since his teenage. His DJing adventure started at his friend’s House-party after he finished his secondary school. Even at a very young age, he was unveiled to music. His journey as a DJ started at a very basic level. He worked as a DJ for local sound providers.
At that time, he understood how consoles work. He then started his DJing course and got certified from a very well known Djinstitute by Dj Raj Mumbai and started playing in private gigs, weddings and for several clubs like ( Fisco Lounge and Bar, Mansion Lounge and Bar, OXYN Club, 90ft an above and many more ). Later he also learnt Music Production from Chirag Padhya one of the well known Bollywood Music Producer and Programmer and started remixing using sample libraries and few software. For many years and now Sujen is the heart of entertainment industry. He evolved as a DJ, Producer, and Remixer. He started performing in several recognized Indian Clubs. He organized many war of DJ for Djinstitute.
His 1st Track as A Producer was Khairiyaat from the movie called ChhiChhore. He is now a professional DJ who designs Bollywood Remix Songs and fusions. He is a crowd grabber and attracts an audience in India.